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To be accepted, a scientific paper must pass the following peer-review conditions:

  • the subject is included in the main topic ;
  • the papers must respect carefully the instruction for written papers and extended abstract the registration limits;
  • the papers are sent only via e-mail at the following addresses: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • the papers must have been approved by the editor chief of JSE;
  • the authors assume all aspects of copyright and intellectual property.





The type of peer review the journal uses is Single Blind Review.

How do we make the peer-review?

1. The paper and the peer-review model are sending to a reviewer established by the Editor in Chief, with a message from the publisher, specifying the term in which the peer-review must be made.

2. The reviewer completes the model making the necessary recommendations, such as:

  • In original submitted form - it can be published;
  • After making the corrections;
  • Publishing is not recommended.




3.a. If the article may be published in its original form, proposed by the author, then the scientific paper goes through the special publishing procedure of the Journal of Sustainable Energy.
3.b. If there are some recommendations to modify/complete/correct the paper, the article with the request of the reviewer, is sending to the author to make the required requests. After the conformation, the paper is published. If between the reviewer and author is a misunderstanding, the article is sent to the second reviewer. The point of view of the second reviewer is decisive.
3.c. If the rejection of the article is recommended (publishing is not recommended), this is communicated to the author, and the article is not published.

(peer review model-eng,  formular recenzie-ro,)

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